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Business Analytics, Business Consulting & Setting Up Business in India

Business Analytics Our Approach to Big Data Customer, Risks & Operation Analytics Business Consulting Setting up Business in India

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Business Analytics

Our Approach to Big Data

We follow problem defined and addressed approach wherein management comes up with a problem statement that organization is facing. The relevant data is extracted and then applied in innovation manner to provide solution backed by precise reports

Illustrative list of Services related to Business Analytics:

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Customer, Risks & Operation Analytics

How do you prepare for what is next? Adapting quickly to change is becoming a make-or-break proposition for many companies worldwide - whether that change is in risk management, revenue stream, cost increases, or other business challenges. We can guide you in using the latest business analytics tools to add incremental value, drive positive operational outcomes and deliver results that are both definitive and measurable.

Customer Analytics
In today's dynamic and evolving connected world, increasing customer value has become a key business imperative. We can work with you to leverage data in order to drive value across the customer life cycle.
Our offerings include:Operations Analytics
Complex and varied business operations combined with cost pressures and the growing need to maximize revenue require accurate operational insight in order to make the most effective business decisions. We will work with you to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of operations by making meaning out of the data that exists within the business.
Our offerings include:

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Business Consulting

Our offerings include consulting and development services to help our clients define their strategy and solution architecture. We deliver strategies to set up and run business with least cost and maximum profit.
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Setting up Business in India

Setting up a business in India is now the in thing. The government too is taking several measures to promote the same. We provide our clients Business Setup Solution based on "turnkey" methodology which takes care of approvals, legal compliances, registrations with authorities etc. to provide a ready to operate business setup in shortest possible time frame.

Setting up a business in India involves various steps, however the process can broadly be classified into three steps:
Specialised services

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